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Get ready for the heat!!! It's getting hot after a very nice and cold winter. Joey and I just kicked it off with a trip to MacDill Air Force Base AirFest 2010 this past weekend and I have posted the pictures in the "Stillfactory" and video footage in "The Studio"

I hope the confusion has settled in navigating my website. If not, just keep clicking and you'll be able to find it. Just a hint: Stills are still pictures put in the StillFactory and videos are something you would shoot in a studio.


The Newroom has my latest rant and the newest news from my branch of the "Tino" family. I hope you check back often for the latest news and more of my rants that you'll not be able to find anywhere else!

I hope you all enjoy everything that the site has to offer. Keep checking back for more new stuff.


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